Noodler’s ink the Good the Bad and the Ugly !


The bullet proof inks are just amazing. No they are not bullet proof. However I first heard of Noodler’s molecular bonding ink when I was running a financial planning business. I was very interested in protecting information and making permanent notes. I found their claims hard to believe so I did my own tests. I wrote notes and checks with their ink and then soaked the papers in various liquids; Bleach, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric acid, Vinegar, Acetone, Rubbing alchohol, goof off, Oxiclean, Lysol etc.

None of those removed the ink from the paper! However soaking in some of the liquids dissolved the paper. I happened to be watching in one case when the paper dissolved and the signature was floating for a fraction of a second after the paper was gone then dissapated. I adopted the ink for office use. We later switched to the Gel Check safe pens.

Here is what this means though if you get a drop of the ink on your shirt or pants congratulations if you cut around the spots you have some new cleaning rags.

There is also talk around the pen community that Noodler’s hurts some pens and pen sacks. I even had a repairman at the Atlanta pen show tell me they had seen irreparable damage to piston fountain pens. I have never experienced any of this. However I no longer use it in my valuable antiques. So why risk it in a modern pen? Well like most artists I am concerned about the light fastness ( resistance to fading) of my drawings and as an author of my notes.

A close friend ordered the Noodler’s bullet proof ink from Amazon and he took the unopened package in his house. The package dripped ink on his carpet. When he opened the padded envelope they shipped it in the ink box was intact but the corner of the bottle was broken off. So that probably did not happen in shipment it was most likely cracked at the factory.

Because of this I have started advising people to buy their inks locally so they can check the bottle and cap. If you can’t buy inks locally I will provide links but buy at your peril¬† and check the bottle and cap before you come in from the mail box.

Hello world!

I will be posting videos on Youtube.¬† I also plan to post written reviews and have blogs about writing, drawing and taking notes with pens. This site is for artists, calligraphers and people who like to take notes with excellent pens. This is a hobby site so don’t expect a high level of technical expertise on the website and Youtube videos. Just good useful information from the above perspective.

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